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A few years ago, Hayes Christensen, our founder and director, came up with the concept for our website Raising the Floorbook. Hayes is a professional in artificial intelligence himself. But he knew right away that he would not be able to turn his project into a reality if he didn´t have the help of a team of talented people.

Nowadays, the team behind Raising the Floorbook is comprised of tech experts, researchers, writers and developers. The value we input on team work is at the very core of our activity. We believe each person can contribute greatly.

In line with that working principle, we are now recruiting two new collaborators to be a part of our writing team.

Do you have a reasonable degree of knowledge on artificial intelligence? Are you passionate about the subject? Do you find yourself reflecting on how technological advancements deeply influence societies, businesses and jobs?

Even if you don’t know much about artificial intelligence, are you a curious person who learns quickly, is great at writing and has top-notch researching skills?

We are happy to tell you that, if you pictured yourself as one of the people described above, you can very well be the talent we need and promise to nurture.

Go to our contact page and express your interest in writing for us. We will send you all the details ASAP, including the details on the screening process, the working schedule and the job functions. This is an amazing opportunity! Help us drive intelligence.