We are hiring!

Raising the Floor Book is now hiring! We are expanding our team and we need new rockstar players to join our wonderful site. We pride our self with our fantastic working environment.

Here is what you could expect from us:

  • Fair Salary
  • Unlimited Contract Duration
  • Office Snacks
  • Office Sports
  • Full Health, Dental and Vision coverage
  • 301K Plan after 2 months

Our opened positions:

  • Accountant $37,000. You must have 3 year of experience in accounting, this includes preparing invoices, managing payments and salaries.
  • Content Writers $34,000. Requirements include writing content for our website and our company brands, writing emails, newsletters and promotional texts. Must have experience with similar brands.
  • Designer $37,000. You must have 1 year of experience in designing logos, pictures, elements and covers. Experience in Photoshop will be considered plus.

How to apply:

To apply, just send us your CV, you can find the contact email in our contact section. You much include your cv, motivational letter and your prefered background check. More info on that in the next chapter.

Background Check:

A strict requirement for this job would be to have your background check ready before applying. You can choose any of the companies listed on list of employment background check companies on cfcw. Once you have your preferred company selected, make sure to apply on their website and bring a copy of the background check on your job application. Our HR managers will review your application and if it satisfied our requirements and if your background check is clean, you will be contacted for a first interview.

First Interview

On the first interview our HR specialist will ask you our your past experi4ence including on all the projects you’ve worked on and your KPI and success projects.If our HR managers thinks that your experience is on par with our vision, you will be scheduled for a second interview.

Second Interview

The second interview will be conducted by our specialist team here at Raising The Floor Book. A part of the second interview would be so that our specialists will determine your experience.

Getting Hired

If your experience is satisfied for booth of the HR team and the executive team, you will be hired on our team and you will receive an employment contract. As mentioned previously the employment contract will be for an unlimited duration, which will provide you with stability and security on your career.

Any Questions?

We understand that applying for a job can be complicated, especially if it’s your first time, so we would like to make it easy for you. If you have any questions on how to handle the entire process, you can call our HR team and the HR team will be happy to help you out with your application or your contract questions, compliance and regulations.

Even if you are not sure whenever this job would be good for you or if you are unsure if you may not able to conduct the job responsibilities as written in our requirements, you can still apply, we accept employees with a wide range of specialties. If you are not suited for the job, but do perform in another field, our HR team might be able to set you up with a different job.

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