The 3 Most Promising Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Curiously enough, the rapid evolution in artificial intelligence is generating a high demand for more human resources. Which are some of the most promising careers in today’s artificial intelligence landscape? Here is our top 3.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineers are some of the most highly in-demand professionals in the field of artificial intelligence. Because of that, someone working in the area can grant yearly salaries of up to six figures.

In most cases, a machine learning engineer is responsible for developing and managing platforms specifically created for machine learning projects.

The professional is at the very core of artificial intelligence. So, it is essential that job seekers have a background in data science, computer science, mathematics or applied research, and that they have a solid understanding of programming languages.

It is also preferred that candidates have training or experience in dealing with the top software development tools. Needless to say, applicants must have top-notch analytical skills.

Data scientist

Data scientists are in charge of gathering, analyzing and inferring large datasets. They do so by leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics. A data scientist also plays a central role in collecting and cleaning data for analysis.

Salaries for data scientists can even reach higher values than those of machine learning engineers. Someone applying for a data science vacancy should feel comfortable with multiple platforms, tools and languages, including Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Perl, Python, SQL, among others.

Applicants should have an academic background in computer science, mathematics or electrical engineering. Two years of experience in previous machine learning positions are very often mandatory.

Besides great analytical skills, data scientists also need to be strong professionals in terms of communication, so that they can efficiently communicate their complex findings to business leaders.

Business intelligence developer

As is the case with a professional in data science, a business intelligence developer carries the main responsibility of analyzing data sets. However, the latter, also known as BI developer, does it as a way to identify trends in business and in the market.

Someone performing the role of a business intelligence developer is key when it comes to enhancing the effectiveness and profitability of a business. Annual salaries for these team members can reach up to just shy of six figures.

Usually, the business intelligence developer is the one in charge of designing, maintaining and managing data in cloud-based platforms. Solid technical and analytical skills are indispensable. On top of that, focus on communication and problem-solving is very much necessary.

Luckily for many, candidates armed with only a bachelor’s degree are eligible to start building a fulfilling career in business intelligence development. The preferred backgrounds are in computer science, engineering or mathematics.

Even without one of these, a strong combination of experience and training certifications can suffice and, actually, be highly desirable.

Artificial intelligence has created job opportunities absolutely unthought-of just a few years ago. The three fabulous careers above prove it.

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