Artificial Intelligence

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Before you move further and start browsing our site to deepen your knowledge on artificial intelligence, you need to understand all the basics on the subject. At Raising the Floorbook, we have compiled this quick guide to get you started and stimulate your curiosity.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is part of the progress in computer science. It is the intelligence than can be manifested by machines.

In the first stage of development, artificial intelligence was a term employed to describe machines that could imitate the cognitive functions of humans, particularly learning and problem solving.

The ever-shifting nature of artificial intelligence

Curiously enough, as the very essence of the term artificial intelligence is rooted in evolution and innovation, technological capabilities that start becoming commonplace across industries and fields of research often leave the realm of artificial intelligence.

That is why character recognition, to name an example, is nowadays typically excluded from the definition of artificial intelligence. It has become a common technology.

So, what are the cutting-edge advancements that are driving the efforts in artificial intelligence today? There are quite a few, including natural language understanding, autonomous car operation, strategic game systems, military simulations and content distribution networks.

The three types of artificial intelligence systems

Artificial intelligence can be divided into three types of systems:

Analytical AI

Analytical AI is based on cognitive intelligence. Machines are able to assimilate information and learn from past experiences. Then, they can better help in the process of decision-making.

Human-inspired AI

This type of AI systems includes elements of both cognitive and emotional intelligence. Human emotions are also added to the process of decision-making.

Humanized AI

Humanized AI demonstrates all types of human competencies, including cognitive, emotional and social intelligence. These machines are even able to be self-aware in their interactions.

Now that you have grasped the basics, dive deep into Raising the Floorbook. Let´s drive intelligence together!