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Welcome to our site Raising the Floorbook! We are a team of writers, researchers, developers and tech professionals who are absolutely fascinated by the world of artificial intelligence.

We particularly love to research and reflect about how the advancements in artificial intelligence have the power to deeply impact our lives, including the ways in which society and business are organized.

The innovations in artificial intelligence are a constant dance between threats and opportunities, struggles and improvements. Is there a perfectly optimized balance point to even all the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones? That is what we love to explore.

At Raising the Floorbook, we believe that artificial intelligence is not something that only an elite of experts should understand. AI is more and more affecting the daily lives of all human beings. So, populations should be aware of what to expect.

We specifically produce content that focuses on the implications of artificial intelligence in the job market. Which jobs are becoming obsolete and which are highly in demand?

We have created a category targeted to those insightful guides called “AI in Jobs”. Browse that and all the other features on Raising the Floorbook. Let´s drive intelligence together!