5 Often Overlooked Things You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Moving forward, what are some of the aspects that are essential for the artificial intelligence industry to factor into its plans?

All industries can be impacted

It is true that the evolution in artificial intelligence is being driven by the technological industries.

Nevertheless, it is urgent that companies across all other industries, including finance, infrastructures, retail and healthcare, start to deepen their understanding on how artificial intelligence can impact their business models, the job market and the customer base.

things you need to know - 5 Often Overlooked Things You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Ethics and human rights need to play a huge role

The United Nations has created guidelines to assure that human rights are at the very center of business development. In the field of artificial intelligence, that should be no exception.

Developers need to ask themselves what severe impacts can artificially intelligence potentially cause on specific groups of people, and which are the most vulnerable. Then, they must come up with strategies to minimize those impacts to the fullest.

The environment must be protected

Artificial intelligence presents the promising opportunity of embedding environmental learning into machines, systems and software. But the leaders in the field need to focus on the matter.

Technological innovations have the power to greatly enhance efficiency in energy use and act as environmental solutions.

Teams in different departments are essential

The fact is that the professionals in computer science are not capable of driving progress and sustainability in artificial intelligence all by themselves.

Studies show that teams in charge of research, product development and marketing are more and more important. Their job has a substantial influence on the industry.

Companies need to improve communication

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is extremely complex. Few people fully understand how it works.

Companies need to learn how to simplify their communication in order for the populations to understand how artificial intelligence can help solve the issues that affect them. They need to have access to the best information, as well as channels to participate in the conversation.

In summary, artificial intelligence needs to continue growing in a way that is integrated will all other businesses and that supports the wellbeing of the populations.

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